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20 years of direct experience in the field of industrial lubricants ensuring the best advice, reliability and professionalism to all types of companies.

Established by Fabio Gatti, with twenty-years of experience in the field of lubricants and industrial hydraulic oils, the company is a dynamic, flexible and constantly developing company, continuously being updated to best respond to customer needs, providing innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions that can offer concrete and tangible benefits to industry.
Today the company has 450 square meters used as a building for offices, logistics and production, as well as a laboratory area and an external handling area.

The company’s mission is to offer a complete, effective and efficient service to significantly reduce breakdowns, delays and costs for businesses caused by the inadequate management of oils and lubricants. With a professional and highly experienced service, consisting of three phases: PREDICTIVE ANALYSIS, PLANNED FILTRATION AND MAINTENANCE, Gatti Lubricant Filtration reduces breakdowns and industrial machinery downtime, increases the efficiency of company machinery, thus offering a reduction in operating costs and an improvement in productivity.

The impact on the environment is also reduced: the correct management of lubricants, in fact, allows you to extend the life of the oils up to 4-5 times, thus significantly reducing the quantities purchased, disposed of and managed.

The operating cost of your equipment is reduced, and the productivity of your business is increased, while also being environmentally friendly.

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Constant development for continuous growth

Establishment of the first company specialising in lubricant filtration services.

Design and in-house production of oil filtration machinery started
Head office expanded.

Relocation to the current company-owned location.

Expansion of technical offices and laboratory.

Application for 6 patents, 2 of which were awarded.

New operating unit where the most technological predictive analysis laboratory in Italy has been installed.