GFL HC 100 Filtration system

//GFL HC 100 Filtration system
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GFL HC 100 Filtration system

The GFL HC 100 filtration systems have been designed to perform the task of cleaning lubricants, thus making your machines more efficient.

This model can be fitted, depending on the customer’s requirements, with a type GH 3 or FH 3 filter cartridge able to purify lubricants up to 3 microns, retaining water, solids and oxidation products (lacquers, resins and sludge).

The GFL HC series is available in different sizes from 100 to 800, the choice is made on the basis of the quantity of lubricant to be treated. All Gatti filtration systems are designed according to the customer’s needs; you will have a say in how it is set up.

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