LZ 105 Filter cartridges

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LZ 105 Filter cartridges

The Gatti LZ 105 filter cartridges have a filtration rating of 5 microns. Filtration takes place in three phases: in the first part of the filter, large particles (40 microns) are retained, in the central part, medium particles (20 microns) and in the lower part, small particles (5 microns).

These filters are able to retain the three contaminants that can be found inside the lubricants: water, solids and oxidation products (lacquers, resins and sludge).

The cartridges are composed of special cellulose, with 800-meter-long wrapped sheets that are evenly tensioned so as not to create microcracks.


– Hydraulic oil
– Gearbox oils
– Turbine oil
– Compressor oil
– Engine oil

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