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It is estimated that 70% of the faults in the hydraulic circuits of machinery, from the smallest to the largest companies, are the result of incorrect lubricant management, with complicated and extremely costly consequences for the production lines. Don’t let the unexpected stop your production: improve your company’s efficiency with Gatti Lubrication Filtration Services!

To remedy this problem, we carry out predictive tribological analyses: a thorough and periodic inspection that carefully examines the lubricant inside the machine, enabling you to know the precise “state of health” of the oils used. This type of analysis determines the chemical-physical properties of the lubricant and, if present, of the contaminants, in order to understand the operating conditions of the oil and, consequently, the entire system.

A “healthy” plant is a durable and resistant plant, which is very unlikely to interrupt the production cycle of your business, allowing you to avoid unexpected, long and costly machine downtimes.