GFL D3000 Oil separator

//GFL D3000 Oil separator
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GFL D3000 Oil separator

The range of GFL D  oil separators has been designed for industrial applications in the ecological field and has been designed to obtain a correct oil separation from cooling lubricants and release agents.


  • It allows the separation of oily substances and hydrocarbons in general from water, thanks to a coalescence filter.
  • Greater yield of the cooling lubricant (possibility of saving in purchase and disposal).
  • Facilitates the elimination of metallic dust.
  • Reduction of bacterial loads and bad smells.
  • Maintenance costs saving.

The GFL D range includes:

  • GFL D1000 with a flow rate of 600 l / h
  • GFL D3000 with a flow rate of 1,600 l / h
  • GFL D5000 that a flow rate of 2700 l / h.
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