GFL HCFT 200 Filtration system

//GFL HCFT 200 Filtration system
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GFL HCFT 200 Filtration system

GFL HCFT 200 filtration systems are specially designed to filter and clean cutting oils. The system is used in the machining industry to remove fine dust from whole cutting oil, increasing both tool and machine performance. This system improves lubricant life and reduces heat, resulting in less oil mist and a healthier and safer environment.

The GFL HCFT 200 filtration system is equipped with filters rated at 7-micron efficiency that can be washed up to 8 times using the special products that we provide. Upon request, Gatti Filtrazioni Lubrificanti also offers a filter cleaning service.

The GFL HCFT 200 system can be used either on-board machines or on centralised systems. It is available in 3 versions: automatic with remote management, standard, or fully customised (including large systems).

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